Il Gatling ad elastici

27 Aprile 2011

Gatling guns have been the first firearms with a firing rate close to modern machine guns. Their principle is easy: A set of rotating barrels is turned by cranking a wheel, with one barrel after the other firing a round when it is in shooting position. This makes them technically and legally a repeating gun, not a full auto one – but it is close enough.

The Slingshot Channel took the challenge to design a rubber powered version of Mr. Gatling’s great invention. And here it is: Eight 20 mm balls, on their way to the target in less than half a second. The theoretical firing rate is 960 rounds per minute, slightly faster than the popular M16 assault rifle.

The video also shows how you can fire single shots with the weapon.

A presentation brought to you by The Slingshot Channel!

Dopo la fionda per sparare i machete già trattata qui, il buon Joerg Sprave ci presenta il Gatling ad elastici.



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