Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector

5 Gennaio 2012

After reviewing the second season of “The Walking Dead”, the team at The Slingshot Channel realized that firearms are weapons of last resort in a Zombie outbreak. Gunshots are just too loud, veritable dinner bells for the Undead.

A powerful slingshot is a very good choice, as earlier tests clearly proved. But then again, a close quarter weapon may even be nore important – most of the Zombie killings in the show have been done with clubs, rocks, machetes, even with a screwdriver.

So a combo weapon is our answer to the challenge. A 15cm steel spike, sharp and hardened, in combination with a blunt “smasher” side made from a large steel ball, plus a slingshot on the handle side!

A spike is the easiest way to destroy a Zombie brain. But what if it gets stuck, and more ghouls are approaching? Therefore, a skull ejector lever has been added. A simple pull, and the spike comes free, ready to make the next “dead thing deader”.

The weapon is tested agains some vegetables and melons, plus thick particle boards.

A “The Slingshot Channel” production!

Dopo le varie fionde fai da te firmate Jorg Sprave, finalmente il team di slingshot channel se ne esce con un’arma che potrebbe veramente essere utile in una eventuale apocalisse di zombie.

Una 3-in-1-weapon composta da una fionda per gli attacchi a lungo raggio, forse un po’ scomoda per il peso in basso, ed una mazza con due estremità letali: una punta d’acciaio da una parte e una larga palla sempre in acciaio per frantumare il cervello dello zombie.

Ed ecco la chicca: se la punta d’acciaio rimane bloccata nel non-morto lo skull ejector ti permette rapidamente di recuperare l’arma e di calarla sul prossimo mangia-cervelli.

Non male, dai.

The Slingshot Channel

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