Process: Marionettes with Geahk Burchill

14 Febbraio 2011

Witness master puppet maker Geahk Burchill breathe life into Asenath, the Appalachian witch.

Film and Music by Eric Beug, Animation by Julia Pott

While stringed puppetry dates back as far as 2000 BC, the term marionette was coined roughly around 1600 AD and means “Little Mary.” Gaining popularity during Roman times, the Christian church eventually adopted puppet shows as a way to covey morality plays. Eventually, puppet shows were banned from the church as performers started using comedy to influence the stories and subvert both church and state. Over time, the great traditions of trickery and magic have subsided to the more commonly known Punch and Judy style, usually geared toward entertaining children.

Anche se sono sempre più rare da vedere in giro, le marionette mi hanno sempre fatto inquietudine. Essendo un maniaco della “manualità”, non posso che provare ammirazione per questo artig artista che progetta, realizza e manovra le proprie stupende creazioni.

Qui potete vedere altre opere dell’autore, sia marionette che interessanti oggetti steampunk.


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