Sub G1 – il triciclo per grandi

12 anni fa

An ultra dynamic motorcycle
concept, combining motorcycle
engine technology, in a single
seat driving experience.

”A truly visceral thrill “

Che dire di questo coso?

Potrebbe essere una figata pazzesca da guidare oppure un incubo: 3 ruote, seduta da auto da corsa, niente retromarcia, 996cc e 135hp non sono male, ma per il resto… boh.

Esteticamente poi sono ancora molto combattuto, ci devo pensare.

Qui la gallery completa.

Le specifiche:

Vehicle Dimensions
Overal Length 3200mm / 125″
Overall Width 1760mm / 69″
Overall Height 1000mm / 39″
Weight 330kg / 86.6″
Track 1600mm / 63″
Weight Distribution 50/50 (50% rear 25% on each front wheel)

Tubular spaceframe contruction with aluminum and composite bulkheads.
Predominantly 16SWG Mild Steel DOM (Drawn over Mandel) seemless tube.
TIG welded.

Double unequal length wishbones
Fabricated from 16 SWG DOM aero tub.
Fully adjustable rodends inboard and outboard.
Pushrod activated inboard suspension
Penske custom shock absorbers
T-bar type adjustable anti-roll bar

Single sided arrangement. Upper and lower trailing arms.
Pushrod activated inboard suspension.
Penske custom shock absorber.
Adjustable camber and toe.

Rack and Pinion
1 turn lock to lock
Adjustable rodend steering arms
250mm Mono Suede Steering Wheel. Open top for better view of intruments.
Quick release mount for ease of ingress and (when you remembe
to take it off, Mark) egress.

Epoxy composite construction.
5-point quick release harness
Suzuki Instrumentation.

Adjustable floor mounted aluminum pedal box
Cable operated throttle
Twin master cylinder front/rear brake pedal with balance bar.
Hydraulic clutch
Stainless Steel braided lines throughout.
Brake components common on all corners.
Wilwood 350mm/12″ Single cross drilled discs
Two piston billet calipers
Custom Mounting Bells

Two piece forged aluminum 18 x 5.5″ front 18 x 6.5″ rear.

Front: Avon AM23’s 180/55R 18
Rear: Avon AM23’s 200/50R 18

Suzuki 996 cc 4-stroke liquid-colled 90° V-twin, DOHC, 8 valves,
135hp (98.6 kW) / 9500rpm
105 Nm / 7500rpm
Electronic Dual-Stage Fuel Injection – 52mm throttle bodies
Aluminum head block gearbox and sump
6-speed sequential grearbox

No reverse as yet. Park uphill or get a push.
Chain driven to rear wheel via a twin chain arrangement through a jack shaft
allowing mounting for e-brake and in future a reverse gear.
Also easy adjustment of gear ratios.

Ram air effect bespoke airbox with panel filter.

Stainless steel tuned length (for torque, not necessarily power) primaries
2 into 1 merg collector.
6” diameter single silencer. Loud pipes saves lives so they say.

Increased volume aluminum radiator with electric fan
Silicone hoses

Fuel Cell
Epoxy composite
Capacity 7.5 US gal


Ducati Hypermotard 796
Ducati Hypermotard 796
Video istituzionale Nolan anni '70
Video istituzionale Nolan anni '70
Custom bikes 2011 calendar
Custom bikes 2011 calendar
Rough Craft: customs made in Taiwan
Rough Craft: customs made in Taiwan
Rough Craft: customs made in Taiwan
Rough Craft: customs made in Taiwan


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