Digitate in google immagini.

[spoiler]Per i cacasotto che non hanno digitato e vogliono scoprire cosa ci sia dietro, guardate [url=http://241543903.com/]qui[/url]
[quote]Nobody knows when and where 241543903 started.

From a quick Google search, the when can be determined to be within the past few weeks. The oldest 241543903 on record with Flickr is 241543903 by san pedro glue stick . There’s a twist to the meme, sakebalboa’s 241543903 also shows someone with his head into the freezer (incidentally the same freezer, fridge, room as san pedro glue stick), alas the title of the entry is it’s cold, head in the fridge, and it is only tagged 241543903.[/quote][/spoiler]

– l’ho scoperto grazie al :bazinga: di [url=https://leganerd.com/people/snodo]snodo[/url] (che ancora non è autore, eppure bazinga da parecchio!)