Interacting with Surface Particles on Complex Objects

We present a novel way of interacting with everyday objects by representing content as interactive surface particles. Users can build their own physical world, map virtual content onto their physical construction and play directly with the surface using a stylus.

A surface particle representation allows programmed content to be created independent of the display object and to be reused on many surfaces. We demonstrated this idea through a projector-camera system that acquires the object geometry and enables direct interaction through an IR tracked stylus. We present three motivating example applications, each displayed on three example surfaces. We discuss a set of interaction techniques that show possible avenues for structuring interaction on complicated everyday objects, such as Surface Adaptive GUIs for menu selection. Through an informal evaluation and interviews with end users, we demonstrate the potential of interacting with surface particles and identify improvements necessary to make this interaction practical on everyday surfaces.

Ammetto che nonostante il mio discreto inglese scUolastico fatico a riassumere in maniera decente la descrizione tecnica di questo notevole progetto, una sorta di lavagna a blocchi interattiva programmabile con una penna ad infrarossi e una telecamera che ne mappa i movimenti e le azioni.

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