[spoiler][quote]Ahoy! Scurvies! Listen to this then!

It was on the good ship Venus
By Christ, ya shoulda seen us
The figurehead was a whore in bed
And the mast was a mammoth penis

The captain of this lugger
He was a dirty bugger
He wasn’t fit to shovel shit
From one place to another

Friggin’ in the riggin’
Friggin’ in the riggin’
Friggin’ in the riggin’
There was fuck all else to do

The captains name was Morgan
By Christ, he was a gorgon
Ten times a day sweet tunes he’d play
On his fuckin’ organ

The first mate’s name was Cooper
By Christ he was a trooper.
He jerked and jerked until he worked
Himself into a stupor


Hold on! Give it some BOLLOCKS!!

The second mate was Andy
By Christ, he had a dandy
Till they crushed his cock with a jagged rock
For cumming in the brandy

The cabin boy was Flipper
He was a fuckin’ nipper
So he stuffed his ass with broken glass
And circumcised the skipper


Ahoy! Jimmy!


The Captain’s wife was Mabel
To fuck she was not able
So the dirty shits, they nailed her tits
Across the barroom table

The Captain had a daughter
Who fell in deep sea water
Delighted squeals revealed that eels
Had found ‘er sexual quarters[/quote]

Stasera riascoltando vecchi classici sono incappato in una delle mie preferite e dimenticate.

Purtroppo non ho trovato una versione migliore di questa spettacolare sigla di chiusura di[url=’n’_Roll_Swindle] The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle[/url] ([url=]qui il trailer[/url] per chi non lo avesse mai visto <- SHAME ON YOU!).
[url='n'_Roll_Swindle_(album)]L'album[/url] imho è fantastico ed è tra i miei 10 album che salverei in caso di olocausto nucleare.