E tu che cannato sei?

Today California’s Prop 19 could possibly (but probably won’t) make smoking pot in the state legal. It seems like everyone smokes these days, but what can we learn about a person’s character based on how they choose to smoke?

E tu a che profilo corrispondi?
Scoprilo subito aprendo lo spoiler sotto il tuo strumento preferito di svarionamento!


You have been smoking a very long time and you probably smoke quality weed. You don’t smoke every day, but enough that you always have weed in the house. You don’t mind sharing, especially with your group of well-heeled and liberal friends. You are a type-A personality, probably in a creative field, and you spend all day imposing control on the world so your only escape is when you are completely blitzed.


Your weed sucks, and you need more than just a few tokes to get stoned. You smoke pretty regularly now, especially before playing XBox and watching Family Guy. But soon you’ll get married, move to the suburbs, and have kids. Then you’ll pull your bowl out when your old friends come visit and you’ll get secretly stoned in the garage to feel like you’re young again. Oh, if your pipe is glass with multi-colored swirls on it, you’re probably a girl, attractive, just a little bit slutty, and a vegetarian.


You smoke just about every day, except when your parents come to visit you at college or your “girlfriend” is in town “from Canada.” You played Hacky Sack at one point in your life and own more than one pair of corduroys. You own at least one Phish bootleg and have been to a concert featuring a former member of the Grateful Dead. You once looked up how to make a Gravity Bong on the internet, but you gave up when you ended up soaking wet with burnt fingertips.


You’re old enough to worry about cancer and have a job where you can afford at $550 piece of pot smoking equipment. But your intense smoking habit doesn’t seem to affect your professional or personal life, because you’ve devoted your life to getting stoned. You watch Bill Maher regularly, donate money to Democratic candidates, and have used every device on this list more times than you can remember. You’d pick the Beatles over the Stones in a heartbeat.


You are an experienced pot smoker, but you think that all the cliches about stoners don’t apply to you. You’d much rather spend money on a good batch of pot brownies or space cake than go see a 3-D movie. For your birthday, you do both! You really want to do more projects around the house, but you’re just too lazy and when you try to, you usually make things worse. Your favorite channel is the Food Network and you secretly wish that you could kill Nigella Lawson and take her job.

Sì non ho tradotto dall’inglese ma a quest’ora non ne ho proprio voglia.
Comunque Joint tutta la vita, ma il profilo non mi rispecchia molto

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