2010 RM Automobiles of London Auction

23 Ottobre 2010

Remember the Pagani Zonda R? Of course you do. How could you forget a limited edition, £1.3 million exotic which lapped the Green Hell in 6m 47s?
Exactly. You won’t have forgotten that natty lap video which Pagani released either. In the esteemed words of Bill and Ted, it was Most Excellent.
Sadly though, the Zonda R’s production run stretched to a miserly 15. “Damn you, Horatio!” you will have screeched, and set off with your £1.3 million to spend on beer hats and cat food, probably.
But if you haven’t, then hold on to your moolah – next week’s annual Automobiles of London auction is offering up one Pagani Zonda R. One of the original 15, and one that will make you enjoy being a human being.
Oh, and James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Yes, that one. The most famous car in the world, driven by Sean Connery (and us, actually), complete with gadgets and old leather. If you have to ask how much it might go for, you can’t even think about affording it. Maybe £3 million, maybe some vital organs. Maybe more…
We’ll be at the auction nervously avoiding any contact with the auctioneer, stapling our hands by our sides and standing at the back, so check back for the full report.
Until then, click through to see some rather tasty highlights…

OMG!! Sarebbe l’asta dei miei incauti!! Ad averne così tanti… :(
Altro che Asta Tosta!

L’Automobiles of London Auction è una delle più importanti aste automobilistiche, ogni anno vengono battuti pezzi più unici che rari!
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La prossima settimana, 27 Ottobre, 2010 at Battersea Evolution in London.
Nella Gallery alcuni esemplari presenti.

Via, e sito ufficiale.

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