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NEON GOLDEN is a Visual Artist Collective based in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Stefan Kainbacher the group currently consists of eleven members. Since the establishment in 2005 the crew gained an international resumée and is well known beyond austrias boders. NEON GOLDENs works has been shown in the best Clubs throughout Europe as well as various festivals.

Coming from the field of graphic design, the works of NEON GOLDEN are centered around the exploration of visual aesthetics. NEON GOLDEN is known for their intense and colorful mix of film footage and computer generated graphics. Focusing on concept based works NEON GOLDEN always use a small set of vivid colors and iconographies to expand the spectators experience. Building their own tools with visual programming languages they experiment with various input devices like cameras, theremins or turntables in combination with live data sources like soundstreams or internet-data. Understanding space as interface and canvas at the same time, NEON GOLDEN integrates their interactive installations seamlessly into the environment.

Nei party di tutto il mondo ormai il visual è imprescindibile, quindi i vj sono una specie in continua evoluzione e procreazione!
Questi ragazzi austriaci mi pare abbiano ottime capacità.
Appena ho modo e tempo magari potrei contattare qualche amico di per una intervista!

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