[quote][Kizo] built an extraordinary persistence of vision clock. The design uses a PC cooling fan to spin the propeller-like PCB. As it goes around, a hall effect sensor synchronizes the illumination of the LEDs to draw the display. Power for the rotating electronics is transferred wirelessly via a transformer on the base and coil on the spinning board. The final version uses an ATmega324 microcontroller running at 20 MHz and has an IR receiver for changing the settings. The 3000 lines of code bring a lot of bells and whistles, including a menu system with a huge amount of settings from tweaking the clock display, to font selection for scrolling messages.[/quote]

Ok, se non è un NT questo…

Per i non anglofoni il tipo ha costruito un orologio con una ventola per PC e sfruttando in maniera eccezionale il fenomeno di persistenza dell’immagine mediante LED. E’ inoltre possibile impostare diversi aspetti dell’orologio, arrivando fino ad impostare addirittura il font di visualizzazione.


Via [url=http://hackaday.com/2010/10/03/spinning-pov-clock-done-oh-so-right/]Hack-a-day[/url]