Malabimba - Severin Films #LegaNerd

Approved by Satan Himself!

Censored trailer for this once-lost, newly restored sleaze-stoked epic. For more info, go to

Un ottimo trailer bazingatomi privatamente dal buon Carmine.
Severin Films, sito da cui proviene il trailer, è la ludoteca dei trashofili, un archivio molto curato di film cult dei bei tempi andati, con info, locandine e molto altro tutti rigorosamente in versione rivisitata e restaurata!

In Spoiler l’About estrapolato dalla pagina ufficiale:

About Severin
Since their founding in 2006, Severin Films has become the foremost studio dedicated to rescuing, restoring and releasing the most controversial and provocative features from around the world. With offices in Los Angeles, London and New York, the company’s international successes in DVD and niche theatrical of films from Oscar nominees and cult icons alike has garnered applause in The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times and The Onion AV Club, and led to proclaim, “Severin Films are well on their way to becoming the greatest indie label of all time.”

Aree Tematiche
Cinema Cultura
/ 33
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