SXSW Film Fest 10-21/03/2010

23 Febbraio 2010

Se vi capita di essere ad Austin (Texas) in quel periodo, vi consiglio di farci un giro perchè verranno presentati un botto di film esagerati!

Primo su tutti MACGRUBER!

simpatica rivisitazione di MACGIVER in chiave moderna!

Inoltre ci saranno i seguenti film:


Mark Millar’s live action adaptation of his killer teen superheroes comic premiers at SXSW. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, we can’t wait to see the cussing 10-year-old stick the sharp end of her weapon through the skulls of some mobsters. Baby vigilantes FTW.


The Swiss film, which has been getting some positive attention on the internet, will be premiering on U.S. soil at SXSW. The film takes place in the future, after the Earth has been ruined, and the human race now lives in orbit. A giant spaceship clunks to a stop eight years into an unknown future. The main character, a woman, awakes from hyper-sleep — but even though the rest of the crew is still slumbering, she’s not alone on this vessel.


This green-toned film wakes up an entire space station crew just to tell them they are living a lie. But what is the reality, who are they, and what does it all mean?


A teenager named Akira (Hideo Ishiguro) travels to creepy Higan Island to find his missing older brother (Dai Watanabe) with the help of several friends. Unfortunately, the island is inhabited by vampires and no one has ever escaped alive. He eventually discovers that his brother has not only survived on the island alone, but has honed prolific vampire hunting skills in the hopes of avenging the brutal murder of his fiancee.

Info e programmi li trovate qui!

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