NES in a Cartridge Mod #LegaNerd

Questo utente del sito, tale dany32412, ha postato quest’interessante Mod di un caro vecchio NES, realizzato all’interno di una cartuccia del NES stesso.

Per farlo ha utilizzato:

1. Power Player Unit (or similar)
2. NES 72 pin connector
3. 2 NES controller ports
4. An NES game that will serve as the case
5. An atmega168 (arduino chip)
6. Texas Instrument TLC5940 (you can get these as samples from their site… their free)
7. Some basic parts such as switches, leds, along with a 7805 voltage regulator
8. PCB making stuff (I used the toner transfer method)
9. Basic knowledge of soldering and electronics
10. And most definetly a dremel tool with some bits and cut off discs
11. A multimeter is probably a good idea as well, because you will need it for troubleshooting

Se volete leggere il report passo passo della realizzazione lo trovate QUI.

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