Natalie Portman Cries A Lot #LegaNerd

Tutti i pianti di Natalie Portman durante le sue innumerevoli interpretazioni.
La ragazza dalla lacrima facile.

It appears much of Natalie Portman’s success is due to her superior ability to cry on screen. A lot.

By our count, Portman cries in 12 films and over 45 scenes. We’ve cut those down to a (hopefully) entertaining 3-minute mashup set to the soothing sounds of Aerosmith’s Cryin’. We’ve left out Black Swan and all future projects since none are available on home video yet.

The Professional
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Where The Heart Is
Cold Mountain
Garden State
Free Zone
V for Vendetta
Goya’s Ghosts
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
The Other Boleyn Girl

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