[quote]A year ago it was Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano which caused hundreds of thousands of travellers around the world nothing but misery went it erupted and covered large poarts of Europe’s sky with volcanic ash. Could the Grimsvotn volcano do the same. When it erupted on May 21st it quicly sent a 20km high plume of smoke and ash into the atmosphere. The 20km has been reduced to a mere 10km, but the cloud of volcanic ash is drifting towards Northern Europe and some flights have already been cancelled.

The Grimsvotn Volcano Erupts In Iceland[/quote]

[url=http://totallycoolpix.com/2011/05/grimsvotn-volcano-eruption-in-iceland/]Direttamente da totallycoolpix.com[/url] questa gallery IMHO stupenda sull’eruzione del vulcano Grimsvotn di qualche giorno fa.

Preciso, dico stupenda ma so che ha causato disagi a molte persone, passatemi il termine.