Avete un vecchio scanner da tavolo e non sapete cosa farne? Ebbene, c’è qualcuno che ha pensato a voi.
Questo pazzoide che va sotto il nickname di Sprite_tm ha estratto il sensore ccd di un vecchio scanner da tavolo e l’ha usato per trasformare un monitor normale in un pannello multitouch.

He extracted the single-line CCD and mounted that below the display. He then attached five LEDs above it to shine light down. When his finger touches the screen it casts a shadow on the CCD and, with a little (probably a lot) of custom software he’s able to triangulate the position of the touch. The system even works with multiple fingers, though we’re guessing should they overlap vertically the system might get a little finicky.

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via [url=http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/22/flatbed-scanner-becomes-multitouch-panel-in-five-fingered-diy-do/]Engadget[/url]