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9 Febbraio 2011

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The Mechanics:

The Chassis/Body was a broken Hasbro R2D2 Interactive Droid, won from ebay for cheap, no one wanted a broken droid? Luckily it was the electronics and not the mechanics that had issues. I didn’t need all of electronics, and only needed the body and gearboxes.
I stripped out all of the guts out of R2…. yes it was disturbing.

I kept the gearbox and the body shell and discarded the rest. The electric motors was removed, and in replaced with a shaft, with sprockets attached on the outside. The duel steam engines were then attached, and powers the sprockets via chains.

The Power:

I was able to use an old Cheddar Boiler, which was slim enough to fit inside the body, with just enough room for insulation. I used sheet metal and fiberglass insulation material toline the inside of the main body, to prevent the plastic body from melting from the heat. I used two Wilesco marine engines, and split the steam for each engine using heat resistant silicone tubing.

The steam pressure needs to be built up around 20 psi for a pretty short run. The gas fired flue boiler simply can not keep up with the thirsty demands of the two engines.

Gearing is very low, and R2S2 runs at a snail crawl…. However, R2S2 is still holds the record for the fastest steam powered R2 in any galaxy.

Finishing Touches:

I was very happy with R2, even with the limited performance, but I wanted a bit more of a steampunk look and feel.

I wood lagged the steam engine cylinders, applied brass, wood and leather decals. The boiler pressure gauge also fit through a hole in the head. The sight glass and blow down valve is visible though the right body panel.
New color scheme, brass, wood, black leather for more
of an old victorian look and feel

L’antenato vittoriano di R2d2, hacking del modello della Hasbro, con alimentazione, meccanica a vapore e dettagli estetici in pieno stile steampunk.

Intervista a I-Wei Huang, costruttore.

Via Crabfu

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