Ecosan (lo sciacquone indiano)

11 Gennaio 2011

The ECOSAN toilet is a very advanced and modern way of constructing a toilet.

The main objective is:
1. To avoid contamination of ground water.
2. To avoid pollution of air, water, and soil.
3. To recover nutrients from human excreta and safely recycle them back to the environment as fertilizers,

This toilet will be constructed only above the ground level. It consists of two chambers, which are used in turn for defecation, and an outlet for urine. In this way urine and faces is going separately. When the first chamber is filled up with faces, it is closed for 6 months. In the meantime the second chamber is filled up.

La voce suadente di Rajesh Koothrappali vi guiderà alla scoperta del sistema Ecosan. Di sciacquone c’è ben poco, dato che l’intero sistema è progettato per non consumare acqua. Quando si devono affrontare crisi idriche in continuazione è l’unica soluzione possibile per mantenere igiene, decenza e decoro.

Molte info sono reperibili sulla rete, ma ecco alcuni link preziosi (en):
Ecosan Official
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