Dramatic video of Clelia II Antarctic cruise ship slammed by giant waves

12 Dicembre 2010

A US-operated Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people aboard has lost an engine in high seas, but is limping safely to its scheduled port. The Argentine Navy said the Clelia II declared an emergency on Tuesday, reporting it had lost an engine amid heavy seas and 55 miles per hour (90 km per hour) winds. The ship, operated by Polar Cruises of Bend, Oregon, has 100 passengers and 60 crew members aboard. Courtesy: jonbowermaster.com
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Dopo il video della crociera con mare mosso dall’inside della nave eccone uno dall’outside! :-O

Dedicato soprattutto a chi partirà per una crociera per le vacanze di Natale mentre io sarò in ufficio…

Via youtube


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