15 puzzles logici in meno di 10 minuti!

11 Dicembre 2010

Secondo post della serie: “cioèguardachesofaresonotroppoforteetunoncelafaraimaiahahah” (il primo era il Dice Stacking). Un allegro nerd si cimenta nella risoluzione in serie di più giochini logici in un tempo da record! Nello spolier sono elencati i puzzles con i metodi di risoluzione e la prima versione del video dell’impresa! Enjoy!

Here are the puzzles I solved, with a little detail on each one:
* 2x2x2 – Ortega method. Eastsheen cube.
* 3x3x3 – Full Fridrich method. I think this was a type D.
* 4x4x4 – Reduction method, with Fridrich for the 3×3 step. Mefferts brand (they ROCK!) with the tiles taken off and replaced by stickers.
* Clock – Pochmann’s method. You can only really find these on eBay.
* Netblock UFO – Mefferts still sells these. It’s not the same as the Rubik’s one at all.
* Skewb – I use my own method which only has one 4-move algorithm. You can get a Skewb from Mefferts.
* Void Cube – These are manufactured by Gentosha (http://www.gentosha-edu.co.jp/). Half the time you need a special parity algorithm which swaps two edges (an impossible situation on a normal cube). I can’t help it, I love putting my fingers through this!
* Square-1 – I’m relatively bad at this puzzle. This is a DIY (get it from cube4you.com) which is why an edge cap fell out :P
* Platypus – There’s a lot more to solve than the obvious; in particular each piece has a specific place it has to go. Still easy though (no algs, no real method). You can get it from Mefferts.
* Missing Link – Old puzzle, I found mine on eBay. I solve one column at a time; you’ll notice at the end I got the parity situation where two pieces have to be swapped.
* Pyraminx – I solve one layer first. This is one of the Chinese ones; I haven’t bothered to replace the stickers yet.
* Cmetrick – I don’t remember where to get these but they are made by elogIQ. Each sphere has to get to the same orientation (not just same color on top, but same colors on the other sides too).
* Rainbow Cube – VERY easy puzzle, although it doesn’t turn very well. Cube4you sells these now.
* UFO – Standard Rubik’s puzzle. I kind of messed up in the video but ideally I solve the first layer intuitively and the last layer with two algs.
* 15 Puzzle – Metal puzzle, I think you can find these in various puzzle/toy shops.

Anticamente bazingato da me medesimo: vi informo che ho finito i miei bazinga vecchi non pubblicati, così le prossime volte pubblico anche i bazinga degli altri!
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sabato 11 Dicembre 2010 - 17:18
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