Beer Keg Modding Pc Case

13 Novembre 2010

Ovvero come trasformare un barilotto di birra in un informatica opera d’arte a cura di Mr. Ben Lzicar presso il PDXLAN 16.5.

PDXLAN is the West Coast Mecca of LAN parties, parties with 500 computer gamers that come from all over the United States, and Canada, to game for four days straight. Competitve Tournaments intrigue gamers to come compete, and win prizes from sponsors such as INTEL, BFG, and NVIDIA. What distinguishes PDXLAN from professional tournaments is that PDXLAN believes in giving to the average gamer rather than just the pro gamers. that’s why you will see the largest prize chest items go to contests and the general raffle. PDXLAN is about having fun for four days with unlimited soda, loads of contests, meeting friends, and playing the games you love… and with 499 other gamers there, chances are there is always someone there who wants to play what you do!

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sabato 13 Novembre 2010 - 18:03
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