NY Abandoned Subway Station

12 Novembre 2010

If you ride the 6 train to the end of the line and get off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, you’re missing out on something incredible. As the train loops around to go back uptown, it passes through an abandoned and beautifully preserved City Hall station from 1904.

The city closed the station in 1945, mostly because at its height only 600 people a day used it, and because the loop created an unsafe gap at the platform. In 1995 the city vowed to restore the site and turn it into a part of the transit museum, but those plans were scrapped years later.

Una fermata della metro abbandonata e restaurata in quel di New York City. A prima vista mi ha ricordato la fermata della metro dove si calavano i nostri eroi in Ghostbusters 2, però poi ho capito che in realtà è la Splinter’s House dove vivono ancora oggi le Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Purtroppo a quanto pare non è più aperta al pubblico, ma ecco a voi un facile trucco per poterla raggiungere ugualmente:

The station is still not open to the public, but there’s a trick you can use to see it for yourself. Until recently the MTA would force passengers to get off before the train made the loop, but now passengers are allowed to stay on. So the next time you reach the end of the line, keep going.

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