[quote]HDR in Black and White is a small sample with some of the photos that I’ve been taken in Vienna in the last few months. All these belong to a coming video on Austria, which I pretend to edit on my return to Spain as a farewell from this beautiful country, after three years.

I am quite a beginner in this video and photography world. Someone who is still looking for his own style, which main elements is the timelapse technique and black and white format. This current work is being possible thanks to webs like timelapses.tv/​foro/​ and Vimeo, which provide an incredible place to share videos but very especially to their users, who are an endless source of inspiration. I want to dedicate a special mention to Patryk Kizny (vimeo.com/​pacocreative), whose works in HDR are amazingly inspiring and I highly recommend.

I have used a Canon 450D and a Canon 7D with a Tamron 10-24mm lens and some ND filters. All photos have been shot in RAW format, developed in Camera Raw and exported to a TIFF format to later being transformed in HDR with Photomatix Pro. The final edition has been made in Final Cut.

I still have a lot of material to be processed and your comments will be of a tremendous help to the final edition of this coming video.

I do hope you enjoy it.

Music by Bosques de mi Mente, “Yo soy geógrafo, dijo el señor viejo” and please don’t forget to check my HD in Black and White Channel vimeo.com/​channels/​hdinblackandwhite

Black & White is Beautiful :-)[/quote]

It’s magically magic? :P
Me piase!