Home theatre da 6.000.000$

26 Ottobre 2010

Il signore in foto, moglie-avvinghiato, è Jeremy Kipnis, ed è in lista (un pò dopo Tony Stark, come insegna TBBT) fra le amicizie da coltivare in un futuro non troppo prossimo. Perchè?
Semplice, finiti i tempi in cui si andava dall’ amico che aveva la nuova console per primo, il suddetto simpaticone ha deciso di fare un piccolo upgrade al suo impianto audio, entrando brutalmente nel guinness come: il possessore dell’Home theatre più costoso al mondo

nothing can’t be compared to what Jeremy Kipnis $6,000,000 ultimate home theater. I know that there’s simply nothing quite like watching your favorite movie or sport event on a huge movie palace screen with fantastic wall-to-wall sound, and if you are really, really serious about the quality of both the picture and sound you produce and experience on a daily basis, then you need to see the Kipnis Studio Standard Experience, also known as “The Greatest Show on Earth”. I don’t really know what to actually say about this amazing home theater, a big waste of money or a true piece of art, but I inclined to think that $6,000,000 is way to much for a home theater, with all those money you can buy a a few Ferrari’s, a nice home, and many more. Now let’s see a few details that make this home theater so amazing …

* Ultra-high resolution (4,096 x 2,160) picture from the Sony SRX-R110 Digital Cinema Projector
* 8.8 channel audio system is fed by a well-balanced combination of audiophile solid-state and vacuum-tube amplifiers.
* The 8.8 channel system uses sixteen 18-inch subwoofers


Soldi spesi bene eh?

O forse no?[/Spoiler]

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