Eshe Streetwear: Religion is Garbage

1 Settembre 2010

Blasphemous posters hit New Zealand
Advertising agency Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand created a blasphemous campaign for Eshe Streetwear. The campaign includes four posters posted all over the streets of Auckland, branded skateboards and t-shirts.

Advertising is known to break taboos since before the scandalous Benetton campaigns breaking down the taboos of race, sex and politics. This campaign is now taking a stab at religion and picking on widely publicised scandals around it, such as pedophilia in the Catholic church and tele-evangelists making fortunes by commercialising religion. According to Wikipedia church attendance in New Zealand is around 15% and it must be even lower among the young population. So, it’s safe to say the campaign will not be opposed by too many down under.

Sgorbions FTW! :D

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mercoledì 1 settembre 2010 - 22:56
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