Presentati i due nuovi set LEGO dedicati alle feste tradizionali cinesi (AGGIORNATO)

5 Novembre 2019

Mantenendo fede a quanto dichiarato riguardo ai prodotti esclusivi per alcuni mercati e disponibili successivamente nel resto del mondo, LEGO® ha presentato i due nuovi set dedicati alle festività cinesi, 80104 Lion Dance e 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair.

AGGIORNAMENTO: ricomunicati i prezzi ufficiali per i due set. Il Lion Dance 80104 avrà un costo di 79,99 Eur mentre il Chinese New Year Temple Fair sarà venduto a 109,99 Eur.


Entrambi i set saranno disponibili dal 26 dicembre solo per il mercato asiatico mentre dal 10 gennaio 2020 saranno disponibili sui cataloghi online di tutto il resto del mondo, Italia compresa.



Il set 80104 riprende la classica danza in maschera dei leoni cinesi del Festival di Primavera e comprende otto minifigure fra pubblico e danzatori.



Il set 80105 riprende una scena legata al capodanno cinese invece che si può vedere in varie parti della Cina ed è composta da 14 minifigure, alcuni negozi di strada e la porta del tempio.


LEGO 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair introduction

LEGO 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair introduction

Gepostet von Bricknauts am Dienstag, 5. November 2019


Il designer LEGO di entrambi i set è Markus Rollbühler.

Il prezzo indicato per uno dei due set (non indicato chiaramente quale – potrebbe essere il prezzo di entrambi) è 79,99 dollari.


LEGO Designer Video Chinese New Year 2020 sets – 80104 Lion Dance and 80105 Temple Fair

LEGO Designer Video Chinese New Year 2020 sets – 80104 Lion Dance and 80105 Temple Fair

Gepostet von Bricknauts am Dienstag, 5. November 2019


Di seguito la press release ufficiale.


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with LEGO® Lion Dance and Traditional Temple Fair

Billund, 05 November 2019: Today, the LEGO Group revealed its 2020 Chinese New Year sets – Lion Dance and Chinese New Year Temple Fair. The launch follows on from this year’s popular sets: Dragon Boat Race, Dragon Dance and Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner, the first LEGO® products created to mark the festivities.

The Lion Dance set vividly reproduces a well-loved scene of the Spring Festival and is sure to evoke fond memories of the traditional festival. The set features 5 beautifully decorated small lion figurines and a percussionists’ stage with an awesome drumming function. An accompanying temple gate is decorated with LEGO tiles featuring traditional patterns. The set also comes complete with 8 minifigures including lion dancers and a man in rat costume to mark the Year of the Rat. Additional accessory elements such as the red ‘best wishes’ scroll, red orb, cabbage, calligraphy brush and a rocket firework are included to inspire unlimited role-play.

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair set captures a beloved event often seen in towns and cities throughout China around the lunar new year. The set includes stalls displaying a vast, colourful array of LEGO versions of authentic items you would find at a Temple Fair. Everything from barbecue dishes to candy, toys, vases and dough figurines are lovingly re-created ion LEGO form. The set also includes 14 minifigures. Eagle-eyed LEGO fans will notice that the family from last year’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set make an appearance, continuing the story of their Spring Festival celebrations.

LEGO Product designer Markus Rollbühler, designed the sets to be as authentic as possible: “We were incredibly thorough with our research when designing the sets. For the Chinese New Year Temple Fair, we looked closely at the types of things vendors sell in the market stalls and all of the various goods on offer.” It was also important that children could act out scenes to make the sets come alive: “Both sets include amazing minifigures and details to encourage role play. The Lion Dance set comes with many interesting play features. For example, you can fully pose the lions and you can also open and close their mouths to help recreate the spectacular dances we all know and love.” Markus explains.

The two new LEGO® Chinese Traditional Festival models will be ready to discover in China and Asia Pacific markets from December 26, 2019 and the rest of the world from January 10, 2020.




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