Apple II Watch

9 Aprile 2015


L’utente di Instructables Aleator777 ha finalizzato la trovata del mese. Un Apple Watch artigianale ispirato allo storico Apple II basato su Arduino.

Epic win totale soprattutto per i mini-floppy disk!



CUPERTINO, California—September 9, 1984—Apple Computer Inc.® today unveiled Apple // watch™—its most personal device ever. Apple // watch introduces a revolutionary design and A BASIC USER INTERFACE created specifically for a smaller device. Apple // watch features A KNOB, an innovative way to SCROLL, without obstructing the display. The KNOB also serves as the RETURN button and a convenient way to PRESS RETURN. The CATHODE RAY TUBE display on Apple // watch features TEXT, a technology that ALLOWS YOU TO READ, providing a new way to quickly and easily access BASIC PROGRAMS. Apple // watch introduces a built-in VERY SMALL SPEAKER that discreetly enables an entirely new vocabulary of alerts and notifications you can HEAR. Apple Computer custom-designed its own 6502 PROCESSOR CUT IN HALF to miniaturize an entire computer architecture onto a PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD. Apple // watch also features TWO DISK DRIVES to pair seamlessly with your MAGNETIC STORAGE DISKS.

Pricing & Availability Apple //w will be available in early 1985 starting at $1299 (US). Apple // watch is compatible with Apple // or Apple // Plus, Apple /// or Apple /// Plus, Apple //c, Apple //e, Apple Lisa, and Macintosh running on ELECTRICITY.


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