Melvin the Mini Machine

19 Giugno 2012

Early 2012, HEYHEYHEY had some time to spare and they felt the need to challenge themselves once again, so they set out to build another one of their chain reaction machines called Melvin.
Conveniently built in two old suitcases, Melvin the Mini Machine is a Rube Goldberg machine specifically designed to travel the world. Each time Melvin fully completes a run, he ‘signs’ a postcard and sticks a stamp to it – making it ready to be sent.
Like its bigger brother, Melvin the Mini Machine also has an online non-physical side which he uses to connect to the people he meets. To keep things truly mobile Melvin uses a smartphone for his online identity.
Find out more about Melvin the Mini Machine at
Concept, design and production by HEYHEYHEY
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Sempre ad opera del geniale studio HEYHEYHEY, già passati su :ln: con la loro prima, fantastica Rube Goldberg Machine, Melvin, ecco a voi Melvin the Mini Machine, ovvero la versione da viaggio.

Come si conviene ad una Rube Goldberg Machine, cioè realizzare una semplice funzione nel modo più inefficiente (ma spettacolare) possibile, Melvin the Mini Machine ha lo scopo di scrivere e francobollare una cartolina, pronta per essere spedita.


Melvin the Mini Machine su Vimeo.

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