Hell and Back Again

11 Novembre 2011

From his embed with US Marines Echo Company in Afghanistan, photojournalist and filmmaker Danfung Dennis reveals the devastating impact a Taliban machine-gun bullet has on the life of 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris. The film seamlessly transitions from stunning war reportage to an intimate, visceral portrait of one man’s personal struggle at home in North Carolina, where Harris confronts the physical and emotional difficulties of re-adjusting to civilian life with the love and support of his wife, Ashley. Masterfully contrasting the intensity of the frontline with the unsettling normalcy of home, Hell and Back Again lays bare the true cost of war.

Un documentario che promette di dare fortissime emozioni questo di Danfung Dennis: Hell and Back Again segue le gesta della compagnia Echo dei Marines degli Stati Uniti in Afghanistan.


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venerdì 11 Novembre 2011 - 14:21
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