Nerdcore For Life

11 anni fa

Two of the 21st century’s most powerful social forces; Hip-Hop and geek cultureollide head-on in the feature-length documentary, Nerdcore For Life. Born on the internet, Nerdcore Hip-Hop is rap music made by geeks, for geeks and covers such traditionally
nerdy topics as comic books, video games, sci-fi, anime and technology.

This new and fascinating genre is founded on “Do It Yourself” ethics and most Nerdcore rappers create their music on home PCs and disseminate their work for free on the internet.

Un mega documentario del 2006 sul genere Nerdcore prodotto da Crapbot e diretto da Dan Lamoureux.

Stranamente non ne avevamo mai parlato qua su Lega Nerd. Da vedere! :D

Il film è su Hulu, gratis, per chi sa come fare, qua: Nerdcore For Life su Hulu.