Eastern Sierra Time Lapse

10 Luglio 2011

On my 3rd time-lapse video of the Eastern Sierra, I focused on night time shooting. During the last week of June, the Milky Way started to make daily appearances on the northern hemisphere, right after sunset and without any interference from the moon. During eight consecutive and exhausting nights in near total darkness, I saw and/or felt deers, rabbits and coyotes passing near-by and once, after shinning a small flash light from my iPhone at two red dots, I saw a big-old bear just a few feet away, which prompted me to run to my car, leaving all my equipment and gear behind. I did not return until sunrise to pick everything up. Truly scary stuff!!

Nikon D5100 and D3
Capture One Pro, Adobe Premiere
Motion Dolly by dynamicperception.com/​

Jeff Chen Kuo Chih è l’autore di questo breve ma notevole time lapse, dedicato alla Via Lattea ripresa dalla zona est della Sierra, che attraversa il Nevada e la California con depressioni crepacci montagne altissime, zone di steppa e deserti.

Per illuminare la zona e gli alberi secchi, Jeff usa delle lampade Led che stanno entrando prepotentemente nel campo fotografico grazie al loro basso consumo per un buon rendimento di luce neutra.


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