Il tempo è danaro

Il tempo è danaro

31 Maggio 2011

This design concept might be more sight gag than real product, but it’s clever nonetheless. Bringing new meaning to the phase “you snooze, you lose,” when you place this unforgiving clock across the room from your bed, if you don’t get up when the alarm sounds, it’s going to cost you.

Might we suggest at first being easy on yourself, placing a lower-denomination bill into this sleeper’s trap before you start punishing yourself too much. From the looks of these pics, that shredder does a thorough job of destroying currency or whatever else you’d like to place in it. And look at that — the designer has placed not one, but what looks like a stack of $100 bills into the clock’s hungry maw.

Il tempo è denaro e il design concept di questa sveglia ve lo ricorderà ogni mattina distruggendo per bene le vostre banconote per ogni minuto in più che vorrete passare tra le braccia di Morfeo (che poi a me Morfeo mi sta simpatico, mi ci farei interi weekend insieme).

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