Non ti piace FireFly? Ti mollo!

10 Marzo 2011

The official video for my declaration of Browncoat Loyalty. Like it, comment on it, and share it with your Gorram friends! (I didn’t think it needed to be said, but apparently, some people think this is a true story, that I somehow met and began a relationship with a beautiful geek girl, videotaped it, found out she didn’t like Firefly, broke up with her, videotaped that, wrote a song about it, got her to lip-synch to it, and put the video online… The events depicted in this video are fictional. There.)

Every guy’s gotta draw his line somewhere. Mine was here..

Qual’è quella cosa che può rendere una ragazza perfetta insopportabile? ODIARE FIREFLY!
Il ragazzo, protagonista del video, è fidanzato con questa tipa, figa quanto una modella, super nerd… Quando scopre che non le piace FireFly la molla…..

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Un piccolo tributo a Firefly dalla serie corrente Castle
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Firefly non si tocca!!!

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