Fract: Indie Adventure Game #LegaNerd

FRACT is an atmospheric adventure game set in an abstract forgotten world of analog sounds, samples and glitches. Myst + Rez with a heavy dose of Tron.

FRACT is a first person puzzle game – very much in the vein of the classic Myst titles. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music. It’s up to the player to resurrect and revive the long forgotten machinery of this musical world, in order to unlock its’ inner workings!

Un puzzle game indipendente dalle atmosfere vagamente “Troniche”.

Per provare la beta sia per Mac che per Pc andate QUI.

Aree Tematiche
Opensource Videogames
martedì 11 gennaio 2011 - 1:00

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