Macchina ricicla pastelli by Crayola

29 Dicembre 2010

If only this were possible with pens and pencils: Crayola has released a machine called the Crayon Maker, which melts down the nubs of old crayons to combine and re-mold them into new ones (as long as you ain’t picky about the mashed-up color).

It’s like the Play-Doh Fun Factory except it’s actually productive! I dug the PDFF as a kid, but while that device taught you how to make a star-shaped extrusion, that production method is largely worthless unless you’re planning on becoming a churro-maker.

Check out the Crayon recycling goodness here.

Crayola ha creato una macchina chiamata Crayon Maker, grazie alla quale potrete riutilizzare i vecchi pastelli o le punte rotte (quando mi incatsavo X-( )per scioglierli e ricostruirne di nuovi, ovviamente tutti belli mischiati.

Fonte: core77.
Via :bazinga: grazie a Fuchikoma.

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