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22 Dicembre 2010

mobile computing…Its a working watercooled computer and a working scooter. Thermaltake Element V, IZ3D
This is my currently a P4 E8400 Core2Duo on a MSI p35 platinum MB, 4GB of corsair ram, 3 raided harddrive, Thermaltake PW 850i Water cooling kit, Thermaltake Element V case. I streched the scooter 11 inches to accomidate the case, stretch all the wiring. It has working keyd ignition, guages, parking lights, working brake light triggerd by the hand brake, and a working halogen headlight, varible speed throttle, dual cup holders. Also it has a horn, rear view mirrior, the batterys have been installed inside the case and the charger port is installed in a cd bay. I won Intel Infernal lanfest casemod competition with it and am going to upgrade it to an I-7 Scooter. I did all the metal work, paint and computer work. its a working electric scooter and gaming computer

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