Manifold Clock

Manifold Clock

9 Dicembre 2010

The Manifold Clock, which is a real thing you can buy for $45, tells time just like a regular clock. It just does it more cleverly, more colorfully, and occupying a bit more space in the third dimension.

The clock, designed by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger AKA Studio Ve, has a short hand that keeps track of the hours and a long one that keeps track of the minutes. You read it just like a regular clock. But those hands are connected by a colorful strip of Tyvek which fans itself out over the course of the day. The result is something closer to a beautiful, kinetic wall sculpture that happens to tell the time.

Questo psichedelico orologio lo potete comprare qui per 45$.
Un incauto più che accettabile per natale.

Via Gizmodo

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