Mobile OS usage splits the world

1 Dicembre 2010

* When looking at mobile web usage, the different parts of the world are led by either iOS or Symbian. Apple’s iOS leads mobile web usage in North America, Europe and Oceania, while Nokia’s Symbian leads in Africa, Asia and South America.
* Worldwide, Symbian leads the pack. This is not surprising considering Nokia is the world’s largest maker of mobile phones. After Symbian comes iOS, Blackberry, Android, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, in that order.
* Symbian’s weakest position by far is in North America.
* Blackberry’s strongest region is North America, but it is still behind iOS there.
* Android might be growing fast, but it’s still far from dominating any part of the world.

Da Royal Pingdom un’analisi sulla diffusione dei SO per cellulari.

I SO dominanti, misurati in base agli accessi ad Internet, sono decisamente Symbian e iOS, mentre Android non ha ancora raggiunto il predominio in nessuna area del mondo.

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