Happy WUD2010

11 Novembre 2010

What is World Usability Day?

It’s about making our world work better.
It’s about “Making Life Easy” and user friendly. Technology today is too hard to use. A cell phone should be as easy to access as a doorknob. In order to humanize a world that uses technology as an infrastructure for education, healthcare, transportation, government, communication, entertainment, work and other areas, we must develop these technologies in a way that serves people first…

World Usability Day was founded in 2005 as an initiative of the Usability Professionals’ Association to ensure that services and products important to human life are easier to access and simpler to use. Each year, on the second Thursday of November, over 200 events are organized in over 43 countries around the world to raise awareness for the general public, and train professionals in the tools and issues central to good usability research, development and practice.

In soldoni oggi è la giornata mondiale dell'usabilità. La UPA ogni anno organizza questo evento globale per diffondere il verbo dell’usabilità tramite eventi e manifestazioni in tutto il mondo civilizzato (Tranne in Italia naturalmente).

Oltre al link di wikipedia che ho già messo nell’articolo vi suggerisco altri link per capire cosa sia l’usabilità e come si inserisce nel discorso della user experience

Definizione di Jakob Nielsen il guru dell’usabilità link

Definizione di Usability.gov

Definizione di Maurizio Boscarol [ITA]

Enjoy it! And Happy WUD2010 to all of you!

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