Panoramas of classic power-plant control rooms

Pronti ad esplorare ben due stanze di controllo di due centrali elettriche? Sono fotografie magnifiche, quindi vi consiglio veramente di guardarvele ed esplorare bene tutti gli ambienti! ;)

Il tutto era stato postato su BoingBoing tempo fa, ma non c’è traccia di questo articolo sulla lega, quindi ho pensato di segnalarvelo. :)

Jeffrey sez, “I’ve got two fantastic power plants to show you, in 360 spherical photography. First let’s travel back to the 1950’s or so. Photographed by our member Noel Jenkins, he says, “The control room of the substation at Lea Marston, Warwickshire, is the only surviving building following the demolition of the three coal fired power stations that made up the huge Hams Hall power station complex. The building has been badly damaged by vandals, though the superb roof can still be appreciated. Please note that the building is not accessible at present. Next, let’s travel back to 1918 or so, to this remarkably steampunk-ish control room which is still in full operation! This one is a bit under one gigapixel. You can REALLY zoom in.”

L’articolo lo trovate QUI

Qui sotto invece ho raggruppato i links alle varie centrali.
Hydroelectric Power Plant, Mirejovice – Control Room
Hams Hall substation control room

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