The Mario Genome

8 Novembre 2010

Can Super Mario teach you to think? That’s the idea behind using a simple version of the game to teach artificial intelligence. [Oddball] calls this The Mario Genome and wrote at program that can take on the level with just two controls, right and jump. He gave the script 1000 Marios to run through the level. It then eliminates the 500 least successful and procreates back to 1000 using the 500 most successful. In this way the program completed the level in 1935 generations and completed it in the quickest possible time in 7705 generations. He’s posted the script for download so that you can try it yourself. It’s an interesting exercise we’d love to see applied to more random games, like Ms. Pac-Man.

Superba applicazione degli Algoritmi Genetici, in cui i mini-Mario cercano di trovare il percorso ottimale evolvendo generazione dopo generazione.

Il software è disponibile grauitamente per Mac e Win.

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