Blekko: how to slash the web #LegaNerd

slash the web!
blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don’t.

Blekko è un innovativo motore di ricerca che permette di “ritagliare” una ricerca sul web cercando solo nei siti che l’utente stesso considera più autorevoli o comunque adatti alla sua ricerca.
how to slash the web
make ’em:
Make a slashtag that includes just your favorite sites. make it as narrow (/scuba) or as broad (/favorites) as you like. Add that slashtag to any search and you’re only searching those sites.
use ’em:
find a friend’s slashtag and get in their head for your searches. For example, try searching Rich’s home brewing slashtag for quality info on brewing your own beer (ex. wheat beer /homebrew).
make ’em better:
We’ve already created hundreds of topic slashtags that you can search now. everything from /conservative, to /humor to /vc is there. Drop us a tweet (@blekko) and tell us if you think any are missing sites or if you have ideas for other topics.

In questo modo i risultati non sono “biased” da ads, sponsor, SEO, spam e quant’altro.

Il video spiega bene il concetto, da provare.

Blekko’s bill of rights:
1. Search shall be open
2. Search results shall involve people
3. Ranking data shall not be kept secret
4. Web data shall be readily available
5. There is no one-size-fits-all for search
6. Advanced search shall be accessible
7. Search engine tools shall be open to all
8. Search & community go hand-in-hand
9. Spam does not belong in search results
10. Privacy of searchers shall not be violated


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