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Ten Barrel Revolver/Gatling Action
Automatic Barrel Indexing
Motorized Adjustable Pitch – Horizontal to +60 degrees
Adjustable Range Control Via Electronic Solenoid Valve
Six-Wheel Drive, Off-Road Capable Chassis
Wireless Control
Capable of launching 3+ T-Shirts per second

Technical Specifications:


Dimensions: 28″ Wide, 38″ Long, 18″ Tall
Weight: 160 Pounds
Top Speed: 12+ Feet Per Second
Capacity: 200+ Shots per Tank
Projectile Range: 150+ Yards


Qty 10 – 2.5″ OD Barrels x 24″ Long
Globe Motor Barrel Revolver Mechanism
Van Door Motor Pitch Adjustment
Pneumatic Cylinder Indexing/Lock
Gas Spring Assisted Pitch
High Pressure SCUBA Tank Reservoir at ~3300 psi
Low Pressure Regulated SCUBA Tank Accumulator at ~150 psi
1″ NPT MAC Solenoid Valve at ~17.0 cV Flow Capacity with a 23 ms Response Time
Norgren Low Pressure Regulator for Cylinder Indexing
H2Oddysey Tank Mounted SCUBA Regulator


Power Source: 12 Volt, 17 AH SLA Motorcycle Battery
Controller: VEX PIC Micro-controller with VEXNet
Wireless Protocol: 802.11 g Wi-Fi @ 2.4 ghz
VEX Pro Victor Speed Controllers
VEX Pro Spike Relay Modules
12 Volt MAC Solenoid Valve for T-Shirt Launching
12 Volt Rexroth Solenoid Valve for Cylinder Indexing[/spoiler]

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