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I love goats. I hate bagpipes. So imagine my confused terror at the sight of a man (whose name, I’ve gathered by the video’s description, is Risto Todoroski from Sydney, Australia) emitting the sounds of death… because, let’s face it, bagpipes are the exclusive soundtrack to funerals – from the cleaned carcass of a super-dead, glossy-eyed taxidermied goat.
And animal rights activists have no reason to worry. Todoroski explains:
The goats are humanely slaughtered for meat by their owners in familiar surroundings, lured with a bucket of treats. No live transportation. No abattoirs!
I have no idea what that means, but PETA’s probably totally cool with it, right? I mean, the bagpipe goat was lured with a bucket of treats, and how sweet is that? No abattoirs!

La quote mi ha fatto lollare, ma il video è uno dei più raccapriccianti che abbia mai visto!


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giovedì 28 ottobre 2010 - 2:52

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