Paul Harding Art

27 Ottobre 2010

Paul Harding is a true example of a childhood passion becoming an adult’s dream career. An illustrator turned sculptor & toy designer, Paul has created coveted and meticulously detailed comic character figures for giants Marvel & DC Comics while also being behind some indy favorites in the form of sport, movie and his new priority, hip-hop personality collectibles. Paul talks about his early appetite for toys and how music has played a roll in his inspiration.

Created & Directed by Frank The Butcher
Director of Photography: Nicholas Cangello
Audio Technician: Paul Mighty

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Willis Jackson – Do It, To It
Manu Dibango – Oboso
Jimmy Webb – Gymnast Ballet (Fingerpainting)
Eugene McDaniels – Lovin’ Man

Aree Tematiche
Action Figures
mercoledì 27 Ottobre 2010 - 9:04
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