Steampunk Iron Man era un riciclo

Steampunk Iron Man era un riciclo

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A quanto pare era un costume di scena (molto figo, a destra) di un film indipendente, ”Heartless”. L’assistente del regista a fine riprese se l’é cuccato, ridipinto, modificato in Iron Man e poi ha partecipato e vinto, il concorso per il miglior costume al Comic Con di New York.

Ne avevamo già parlato qua e del film, qua.

Il regista di “Heartless” pare molto incazzato:

”Just found out that the Tin Man suit was taken and modified into an “Iron Man” suit that won the costume contest at the NY Comic Con by my ex assistant. The suit was changed without my knowledge or permission and I’m royally angered by this action. It’s also sad to see that the only screen used version of the suit that exists, is now a cheapened knock off of a popular character. I don’t get people anymore and it makes me want even more to become more reclusive”

Io non ci vedo tutto sto scandalo.. certo il tipo poteva chiedere il permesso, ma mi pare che si sia sbattuto un bel po’ comunque per modificare il costume originale.. insomma.. e sti gran cazzi?!? :D

Se vi piacciono i drammi nello spoiler metto anche la risposta di Matt Silva, il cosplayer incriminato..


My mentor Bill and I worked on that suit together for a film called Heartless.

Bill was the designer and the man who led the team.

He and i sculpted that suit together and with the help of Jonathon Thorton we molded and cast the whole thing.
If you would like to see the credits for the suit team they are on the Vimeo page for Heartless: The story of the tin man
Just under the actual film in the info box.

Credits read as such:
Bill: Designer, Department head
Jonathon:3rd/lead mold maker

Bill was upset and posted that note on facebook. His whole problem was with me using the original suit instead of casting a new copy.

NOT that i stole his suit. He left that suit to me for promotion and display. After traveling the convention run, the suit was left battered and broken. SO having permission to make modify a copy of my own to anything(including Ironman) i chose to salvage the suit one last time.

Bill was not aware of any of this and that my my fault for both bad communication between he and I, and for not double checking myself.

30 minutes after bill posted that we talked, and i was very to honest and clear about everything and gave him probably the most heart felt apology i have ever given someone, For not making sure to check with him first and breaking his trust.

Bill forgave me for my stupid lapse in judgment. As again he though i destroyed the suit when i hadn’t, Not because i made it look like ironman.

ed ancora, la risposta di Bill:

I had a long talk with him and we ironed things out. It was all part of a huge lapse in good judgment that blew up. I hate to see a piece of history, such as this piece, fade away like that. I guess that I am getting old and sentimental.

He was acting as the person who was holding on to the suit for promotional events for the film. He did help build it and said that it was constantly needing repair (which I do believe). He’s not very old and just showed a serious lapse of good judgment. As for the suit’s ownership, that is a grey area. The company that made the film paid for the materials and did give me a very small amount of money for all the work that I did (Production design, make up effects, etc) just to help with my bills while I took time off to do the project. I have most of the items created or bought for the film, but agreed to let them hold on to the suit for display in their office or promotion for the film. I would not say that it was stolen, but was not used in the manner of our agreement. He truly feels horrible for doing such an idiotic thing and I know that he is really a good kid at heart. Ultimately, what’s done is done and I’m sure he won’t do such a stupid thing again in the future. Seriously, thanks for all your concern on this issue. It’s nice to know that there are folks out there that care about such things.



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