Legend of Zelda Medley in String Quartet Form

Arranged by Chad Schwartz

This is the third piece in a videogames concert performed at James Madison University in November of 2008 put on by Alpha Epsilon Pi. The program for the concert was:

Legend of Zelda Medley
Final Fantasy Medley (Pt 1 LINK Pt 2 LINK )
Mario Bros. Medley ( LINK )
Encore: ‘Never Forget’ Theme from Halo
( LINK )

As is the common theme in these medleys, if you can name all of the Mario themes used in this medley, you are as cool as me. Enjoy!

(Please note that in order to get under the 11 minute limit youtube restriction I had to make some 0.5 – 1 second cuts)

Violin I: Jacob Roege
Violin II: Jacqueline Dolan
Viola: JessicaRoxanne Atienza
Cello: Chad Schwartz

Io trovo veramente bellissimo questo Medley *__*


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