Golden Demon UK 2010

29 Settembre 2010

Da Wiki
The Golden Demon competition is the miniature painting and modelling competition run by Games Workshop, and is held during the Games Day Event in the UK, USA and other countries.
The Golden Demon competition has been held since 1987 in the UK, since 1991 in the USA, since 1997 in France and in other countries more recently.

The competition is named for the first prize trophy in each category, the Golden Demon. The Golden Demon trophy itself is a figurine of a horned demon painted gold, posed with its arms crossed over its chest (in a manner somewhat reminiscent of the Oscar). Silver and Bronze Demon trophies are given for second and third places, respectively in each category.

The overall winner across all categories at the event receives the “Slayer Sword”, an actual full-size broadsword about 5 feet in length from pommel to tip.

The competition measures the skills of painting and modelling, since conversions and alterations of existing miniatures are encouraged.

Le categorie:
1. Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature (da foto in gallery 1 a 4)
2. Warhammer 40,000 Squad(da foto in gallery 5 a 8)
3. Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle(da foto in gallery 9 a 12)
4. Warhammer 40,000 Monster(da foto in gallery 13 a 16)
5. Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature(da foto in gallery 17 a 20)
6. Warhammer Fantasy Regiment(da foto in gallery 21 a 23)
7. Warhammer Fantasy Monster(da foto in gallery 24 a 28)
8. “Duel”(da foto in gallery 29 a 32)
9. Diorama(da foto in gallery 33 a 34)
10. “Large Scale Model”(da foto in gallery 35 a 38)
11. Open Competition (solo per Games Workshop staff)(da foto in gallery 39 a 41)
12. Young Bloods (da 14anni in giu)(da foto in gallery 42 a 44)
Mi rifiuto di pensare che chi ama warhammer non conosca il Golden Demon, quindi voglio pensare che il fatto che non venga menzionato su LN sia solo una svista o la svogliatezza di fare un post chilometrico come il mio! :D

Alcune delle miniature in finale
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