Scacchi quantici

7 Settembre 2010

Alice Wismath, a computer science student at Queen’s University in Canada, has developed a form of chess in which the type of a given piece on the board is in a state of flux:
In the quantum chess computer game created by undergraduate computer science student Alice Wismath, a piece that should be a knight could simultaneously also be a queen, a pawn or something else. The player doesn’t know what the second state might be or which of the two states the piece will choose when it is moved.[…] Wismath also chose new rules to make the game workable with its quantum twist. For example, her version of quantum chess requires a player to capture the king, which never changes to another piece, instead of merely delivering a checkmate. Also, pieces change states only when they land on black squares.

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martedì 7 Settembre 2010 - 19:37
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